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Composting is difficult in an urban setting - fast-paced lifestyles, lack of space, and multi-unit buildings all make it very inconvenient. Additionally a lack of awareness and misconceptions about composting create barriers to entry. Our goal is to remove these barriers and make composting more convenient by connecting those who can compost with those who cannot.


Compost Connect is an app that connects urban residents with local compost haulers to facilitate food waste diversion. It gives the responsibility of maintaining the compost to people who are more experienced and can devote the time and space to it (compost haulers), while also motivating and educating urban residents.


For residents,

we offer a mobile app that allows you to search for and connect to compost haulers that provide curbside compost pick-ups. Once connected, you will receive reminders about your pick-up schedule, tips on best practices for separating food waste from trash, and general rules of what you can and cannot compost on your phone. Soon, you will also be able to see exactly how much food waste you divert, how you are reducing your carbon footprint, and start collecting reward points for every pound you divert. We are also working on swapping those reward points for sweet discounts at local businesses!

Compost haulers,

we want to be your partner app by helping you simplify your communication and networking channels. Our app gives you a single point of contact with your customers. Instead of dealing with emails and pdf, you can send contamination notices or billing reminders with in-app messaging, as well as set automatic schedule reminders. You can also gamify contribution tracking by seeing which neighborhood can divert the most food waste. We are also working on a search function that will allow new residents to find you and connect with you so that you can expand your network with ease.