Why compost?

America has a huge food waste problem.

As food travels from farm to table, nearly 50% of it is sent to landfills, where it sits emitting methane gas and takes up space in landfills that are becoming more expensive to maintain.

The solution is simple. Instead of sending food waste to the landfill, we can compost it instead.

Composting is a process of naturally decomposing organic matter to create a rich additive that enriches soil and enhances the growth of crops. It closes the loop on the food cycle by returning the nutrients back to the soil while also eliminating unwanted side effects of landfilling organic waste, a win-win!

Urban and suburban residents who want to dispose their food waste in an environmentally sustainable manner may not have the time, knowledge, or space. We have a solution for you. Download our app, find a compost hauler near you, and start composting!

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